julien Garcia

Born in 1976 in Toulouse, Julien GARCIA lives and works in the beautiful Chantilly region.

Nature is his main source of inspiration and especially animals, he tries in his sculptures to awaken consciences. It integrates an "ecological" dimension into each stage of the creative process to finally deliver a fun and entertaining message to readers and future generations.
Each of her creations is original, unique and impossible to reproduce identically, handmade in a traditional way because it is about plastic mosaics. There is no question here of a published art object. Each of the pieces has a soul, a story that can not be reproduced.
In its desire to raise awareness about the waste of resources and the society of
"Overconsumption", it uses only recycled plastics from everyday objects, and is thus part of the current of new realism.
Eternal child with unlimited desire to share, it gives us to see a universe between animated film, comics, sculpture, robotics and the qualifiers are still numerous.

Julien GARCIA, a well-informed businessman, is also developing in his artistic approach special operations in partnership with galleries (Palace Negresco in Nice, for example) and companies. He thus penetrates the world of art into the world of business, intimately linked today.
His works are currently exhibited in France, Europe, the United States and China.


Tarif : 2800 Euros