The Awakening of the senses

You are amateurs and collectors of Art, Cognac and Jewelery, looking for an original and unique piece, Cognac'Art ~ The awakening of the senses is made for you.

The creation Cognac'Art is an exceptional marriage between 2 universes, in a beautiful harmony and perfect balance it aims to share a passion, to transmit a sensation and to awaken our senses.
Curiosity and audacity leads to new experiences and adventures.
So, to make us dream a little more, Cognac'Art is associated with jewelery.
This unique assembly in the world that will not fail to shine your collection or enhance your interior shows us all the French know-how.

Dare and do not wait to diversify your collection and awaken your senses.

Each of the creations Cognac'Art ~ The awakening of the senses is signed, numbered and delivered with certificate.

Cornes du paradis


* Sculpture en bronze 60 cms signé édouard Hervé.

* Carafe en cristal.

* Cognac centenaire certifié du premier cru grande champagne.    

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