Jeannette Guichard-Bunel

Jeannette Guichard-Bunel was born in 1957 in Cherbourg.

Through her paintings, she wants to tip the viewer into the world of dreams. The artist wants to give a preponderance to sensibility on the reasoning by provoking in the one who looks at the work a vision beyond appearances. She likes to establish with the public an extra-verbal and extra-sensory communication by erasing the barriers of rationalism. Her characters seek to capture the attention of the viewer to try to attract him into a world where time is abolished, where the space is limitless. Through aura colors the visitor crosses the border between reality and dream with only a little bit of poetry.

His figurative style, punctuated with pop art or surrealism, features characters and pets in an anachronistic universe filled with poetry and humor. The drawing is masterful, the subjects are superimposed with a real maestria, as in levitation in a transparency of materials with unreal colors.

Dreamlike painting of great originality, his paintings seduce the French galleries (Paris, Cannes, Pont-Aven, Honfleur, Grenoble, Bordeaux,) and foreign (Belgium and Switzerland) and won many awards at trade shows and competitions.

le temps des cigognes

Tarif : 3500 Euros

Quand passent les éléphants roses

Tarif : 2300 Euros

3 petites notes de musique

Tarif : 3500 Euros


Tarif : 2800 Euros

Juste un vœu

Tarif : 4500 Euros


Tarif : 4000 Euros

En route pour Las Vegas

Tarif : 3500 Euros

Wild Style

Tarif : 5000 Euros

Aujourd'hui ou jamais

Tarif : 3500 Euros

Parfum de magie

Tarif : 2000 Euros

Lorsque mon coeur fait boum

Tarif : 4000 Euros

Tu viens mon canard

Tarif : 2600 Euros