max rovira

Max Rovira is a Catalan painter, of Spanish origin.

He directed his very first works in Post-Impressionism, then, while retaining the pictorial rigor, projecting himself into a palette of an inexhaustible variety of reflections and light and thus modifying an attitude towards reality. .
His paintings came closer then, cubism with a certain nostalgia and sadness compensated by a chromatic scale that becomes more and more dazzling.
Self-taught, it is a personal style, inspired by the statues of Easter Island.
He loves to bring up a surprising theme. His painting is powerful and generous, his colors sometimes hot or cold in a frantic pace, leaves us in no way indifferent.
Currently Max Rovira is influenced by Pop Art, he creates very flashing color mixes, ones that gives his portraits and scene of life a percussive impact.
Everything is architected and positioned as "a painting of freedom"


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